Mobile is everywhere, but an app is only as good as the supporting services surrounding it. The notion of launching an app and it being an overnight success just simply isn't true. At FACORP, we don't just start with the app; or end with it either. We focus on the creative ideas, design, and the problem to be solved. We build the supporting services and web products and deploy to the cloud and the various App Stores. Once the app is live we help you refine and develop the product further as well as conducting full digital marketing and promotional campaigns to help your product get to the coveted number 1 slot on the App Store and pride of place in your users hearts and minds.

App analysis tool

Applancer is the free app comprehensive analysis tool. Free tool system is for developers and app development companies consider reviews as SEO weapon to provide excellent service to their customers and dedicated analysis staff to understand effect on different ways. Free Tool provides key charts and reviews to app performance, presentation includes various charts and reviews.

  • Pie Chart
  • Statistics
  • Free Tool
  • Reviews
  • Comprehensive Report

  • GPS Logger your Personal Tracker

    GPSLOG is the perfect GPS Logger solution, it monitors your movement and allows you to create a highly detailed Tracking on map and records of where you have been. The purpose of this app is to log your GPS coordinates at specified intervals. This app also runs in the background so that you can on a long walk or drive. All coordinates saves in app so you can see them easy and share even easier.


    GPSLOG comes with following features

    Takeaway App iOS

    Your own restaurant or takeaway App; your customers order directly from you..


    Average, people check their mobile every 6 minutes.
    • People use mobile Apps 6 times more than websites.
    • 79% of smart-phones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.
    • 50% of mobile phone users make a purchase within 1 hour as compared to 1 month on a Desktop

    Augmented Reality Balloon Shooting Game

    With this Augmented Reality game App, bring the balloon enemy into your home or garden and then pop them by firing! This is a wave-based defensive format with waves of balloon that get progressively more difficult. .


    • Augmented Reality

    Paper Ball Tossing Flip Throwing to Bin

    Paper Tossing is a super exciting paper throwing, target based game. Put your brain for a good memory focus mind strategy throwing puzzles. Improve your concentration, strategic skills, and mental sharpness as you explore the advanced game physics over time.


    • Augmented Reality

    Street Crime Checker - Live Police Database

    Planning to buy new house or new school for children? Got a new job in a different part of the country or town and want to know how safe is it to move to a new, unknown neighbourhood? Just write postcode or city name you will get all street crime in nearby areas. .


    • Street Crime Checker

    Kids PreSchool Matching Game

    Preschool Games: Play Animals Game. Fun games and activities for toddlers and young kids by to Happy Clicks. Play Animals Matching Game for young kids.Free educational games and activities for toddlers and young kids. The excellent educational game to practice how to drag and drop and matching memory game.



    Our all project is based on R&D, our staff prepare report on all possibilities based on information collected from different sources.


    We design the products as per local trends and changes time to time in order to keep our product on top of the list.


    We believe on the prodcut stand alone and we believe on quality and quantity.

    App Product Strategy

    we believe on user friendly interface, therefore we always test our product sharing with different age and walk of peoples.
    our products are unique and clean, all products are R&D based.


    GPS Logger / Personal Tracking
    Street Crime Tracker
    Kids Learning App
    Online Ordering System
    Online Booking System
    Princess Game
    Local Social Media
    Running Game
    Classified Apps
    Hot Deal Website and Apps


    Designing Product as per local and internation trends.
    We use screen and modern sublimation printing on cotton and polyester.


    Wholesale T Shirts
    Wholesale Printed Clothings
    Leather Products
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    Our team has been planning mobile solutions. This experience means we can have fully integrated solutions across all major platforms.


    Contact us today to see how we can help ensure your brand stays strong when you are developing for mobile.


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